Sovereign hitched Svendsen

Ostersund, BRATISLAVA. Maybe ten meters lacked Norwegian biathlete Ole Einar Bjorndalen of the eleventh world champion and number of the most successful participant’s history of MS.

finish line in yesterday’s race with a mass start was already at hand when through it resulted in the envelope 11 years younger compatriot Svendsen. Tridsaťštyriročný Bjoerndalen has failed to accelerate. He tried to add, but gets going Svendsen controlled situation. “Emil was better. I have to accept, “he said at the finish tenfold world champion.

This season, the two ran the race with a mass start. Ole Einar always won.The most important race of the season but has found beaten.

In Sweden Bjoerndalen was standing on the podium in every discipline, but won only fighter. It has about 11 medals from the world championship more than Alexander Tichonov, but the statistics MS remained at the forefront of today’s head of the Russian Biathlon Union. With a higher number of gold metal.Tikhonov has a balance of 11-4-2, 10-10-9 Bjoerndalen. “I do not count those metals, I run for pleasure,” he repeated Ole also in northern Europe.

The new heroes of the championship, compatriot Svendsen (except races with mass start and won the endurance competition) already congratulated at the finish. “When I was in first place unseat compatriot, so it’s not too bad,” said Bjoerndalen.

Even 22ročný Lillehammerčan Svendsen he had at the end of the full teeth. “It was pure thrills. I won because I ignored the fatigue, “revealed Svendsen.

The most medals in Östersund collected Nemky Andrea Henkelová and Magdalena Neunerová.Henkel after triumphs in the sprint and caught up with the fighter after the gold in the relay race. Neuner mix of a relay and a relay classical added Saturday’s victory in Road Race.

In Sweden lost Nemky single individual race, the endurance biathlon title they stole Ruska Jekaterina Jurievová. “The gold in the relay race we absolutely wanted. But we were winning all season. And for me it was extremely sweet conclusion of successful championship, “he confessed the target already six times world champion Henkel.

Slovak quartet has consistently caught up in the relay after the 9th place. “The ninth rung of women is a very good result.Last year I, I think that the stronger composition, finished in fifteenth place. Performance is moving forward, “said SITA coach of women’s national team Milan Gašperčík. Facts MS