Rivals are in Bratislava, on Wednesday play be showcased

BRATISLAVA. They were among the biggest rivals of tennis history. Ostrava native Ivan Lendl and American John McEnroe was not like, sometimes utrúsili the opponent unpleasant remark, and perhaps therefore even more attracted the interest of fans.

The rivalry on the court are continued for more than 20 years after the end of a career, the truth , now they do not take it seriously victories.On Tuesday, Lendl a McEnroe met at a press conference in Bratislava, shook hands and wished a successful spectacle.

On Wednesday after 18:00 off against each other in Bratislava NTC. Štvortisícové vypredané.Bude aspect is fun and match

Lendl is somewhat stronger than in years when fought eight Grand Slam titles, McEnroe, who won the tournament seven big four firsts, has more gray hair. Neither, however, did not deny competitiveness and the veteran age and in today’s fight yearn for victory.

“It will be fun and serious game,” Lendl approached today’s spectacle. “We want to show people that tennis we still going well and I hope they will like it.In Slovakia, I feel almost like home.I was born in Czechoslovakia, we were one country. “

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