Slovakia may end up last, but also to win group

BRATISLAVA. Before the match he was asked how many players would take the opponent team Wales. “No,” he replied confidently Gareth Bale.

GOAL his words but not confirmed. Especially Welsh defense for most of the game up. All news from Euro 2016 in one place.

Although kept tied score until the 90th minute, Wales to the point of finally enough. England, putting Daniel Sturridge pre-minutes period extra time conquered by the opponent 2: 1.Žolíci the bench

The English have to rotate the duel.Although they were in the first half better, have more often of the ball possession (64-36%) over the prihrávali (252-111) or more firing (6-3), the management took Wales.

The opening goal Gareth Bale scored meeting. As in the match against Slovakia, the direct kopu.Loading…

The fate of the duel decided to substitute players. Jamie Vardy scored the equalizing goal, the prize of England decided in 92 minutes, Daniel Sturridge. Both ran onto the field at the start of the second half.

“I thought it would be a penalty. I played but continues as if it had neither the referee whistle, “he revealed after the match Sturridge.His goal was preceded by a battle in šestnástke.Loading…

As England in the end lost points with Russia, it gained against Wales. “We are disappointed, but strong inside. The tournament is still not over, “said Baal words after losingôžu win Group

Slovakia thanks to this result can still win the B-group. This will happen if Monday will overcome England and Wales also wins over Russia. All reports on Slovaks to Euro 2016.

The second place to ensure that Slovak representatives in two variants.If they draw with England a Rusko humble Wales, or the win over England while Wales over Russia.

If Wales does not play with Russia and Slovakia ties with England, will be the Slovaks in third place with four points. See also: See also: In most matches of attack. I would have had transgressed somewhere, said Duda

The third place can be filled by Slovaks, even if lost to England, but only if the Russians indomitable Wales.Three points, however, are most likely to progress in third place were not enough.

The last place in the group falls Slovaks in one case – if you do not score points in the match against England a Rusko against Wales reached their first victory on turnaji.Môže choose fair-play

in a tie of two teams in the group will decide on a better position mutual combat.

If ended in a draw, the next criterion is the score of all the matches in the group, the greater number goals, ranking fair play and ultimately national rate UEFA.Prečítajte also: See also: Gyömbér: I do not think England is the favorite.Maybe on paper

If they have the same number of points three teams decide the order table of their mutual matches.

In eight procedures other than the first two teams in the table and another quartet of third places . Loading…

The status of the table teams third places decided by five faktorov.Fair-play ranking

1 point – Yellow Card

3 points – red card

the first is the number of points from the group stage.It is followed by the block matches the score, the higher the number of goals in a group, standing fair play and finally National League ratio.

Ranking fair play is created on the basis of a yellow and red cards. The more points – the worse position.