Barcelona was traumatized, now celebrating. Players are heroes, Enrique said

When Barcelona football coach Luis Enrique repudiated the Champions League eight-final with Paris St. Germain said his fighters could score six goals for the French rival, and as the first team in the history to delete the opening manko 0: 4, his words were taken with reserve. However, the Catalans pushed PSG 6: 1 to the quarterfinals, despite the assumptions. According to the Barcelona coach, the key to the sensational triumph was the endless faith.

“At the pre-press press conference, I talked about six goals because PSG is a good team and able to score.It was the victory of our faith, “It was a crazy and unique sport,” said Enrique to journalists.

I give this win to all the Barcelona fans who have believed in us. After the first match, we were criticized and traumatized. We did not have much to lose because we lost everything in Paris, “added the coach for 48 years.

Barcelona, ​​after Luis Suarez’s goal, Layvino Kurzawa’s own goal and Lionela Messi’s penalty shoot-out , But over 96 thousand spectators at the stadium in the 62nd minute froze Edison Cavani but the PSG was rewarded prematurely, Neymar made a direct kick and penalty in the final seven minutes and set a decisive shot for the substitute Sergio Robert. > “Even after Cavani’s goal, players and fans have shown that they still believe.Most viewers leave Camp Nou ten minutes before the final whistle, but this time they all stay in place. None of them will forget about this match. The sixth goal was a joint work of all Barcelona fans of the world, “said Enrique.

” The Champions League is a contest that does not forgive bad matches. We have made this turn because we learned from our own mistakes. So it was all our tribulations, even in Paris, “Enrique added.

He was injured by the knee during the progressive game celebrations.” But it was worth it, “he smiled,” it was an incredible explosion of all feelings . I’m not a man who makes sense of it, but I enjoyed it just the same as those who touched the tears.It was a scenario of a horror movie with a wonderful start, with the atmosphere I never experienced in Nou Camp, and with a tension I had never seen before, “said a former Spanish representative who will end after a season on Barcelona’s bench after three years.

Even though it seemed to be virtually excluded a few days ago, it could be a good result for all three trophies, with the Catalan team returning to the championship title in the Spanish League, waiting for the final of the home cup, and continuing the historic tournament in the Champions League

“We still live in all competitions and our goal is to win all of them. The procedure in such a way is a tremendous psychological upbeat for us in other Champions League rounds, “added Enrique.