Basketball players at the European Championship will help Bortel, on the contrary, Kulichová is missing

“Petra has been traveling for twelve years, but now she has asked for a break to take long-term health problems. I fully understand it, and when those apologies are not more, I take it. Fatigue there on her side must be. Then it would not be the motivation the player should have, “said Blazek at today’s press conference.

So Blazek decided to try the pivot post for the first time to try 30-year-old Kateřina Nováková. The former basketball player of Hradec Kralove and Trutnov was the second most useful player of the Prague University with a balance of 10.9 points and 5.7 rebounds in the last season.

“Kateřina is one of the best Czech pivots in the league, We need a player like this.We will see how the team acclimates and how the nomination coaches, “said Blažek. Kamila Štěpánová, who has not gone through the final narrowing in the past, has a chance to win the final of the season after a good season in France.

This time Blazek will have to choose the final twelve for the championship. The biggest overpressure is on the wings, where Kašpárková will also be nominated for the nomination. Twenty-one-year-old daughter of former league football player Karel Kroupa and niece of three-legged women Šárka Kašpárková has still been in junior teams.

“Barbora is a hardcore player and in training can model the situations that are waiting for us on the European scene.It is a Czech talent of the year 2012, a warrior, a kid, and such types need to be tested, “Blažek said.

It is important to consider the return of Bortels, which should belong to the main leaders. “Veronica had a pause last year because the World Championship was not a progressive event, so we gave the chance to youth. Now it’s an important tournament and Veronika continues to confirm that it’s a high-stakes tournament. I believe it and the team, it is a battalion lifter, so it returns to the representation. At the last tournament, the team presented it with an aggressive defense that we want to build on. And Veronika helps, “said the coach.

With the preparations for the championship, basketball players start on Monday with a concentration camp at Belohrad Spa. The next two weeks will be spent by a team in Trutnov where they will play two model games.The tournament in Karlovy Vary will be the culmination of the preparations at the end of May, where Slovakia, Latvia and Turkey will come. Before the Czech Championship, two generals with Belarus will play in Prague.

The championship will be held on June 9th in Timisoara, Romania. Two days later, an initial duel with Black Mountain is waiting for them. In Group A, they will also compete with Ukraine, France and Romania. The three best teams will advance to the eight-finals group.

“We have to set realistic goals. That’s why our goal is to fight for the Olympic Games. That means ending up in fifth place, “said Blazek