Chrastava with shooter Štajner reigns the reign. The division is not talking yet

In the summer, lacker footballers missed a small step to advance to the fourth highest domestic competition. They were already looking forward to the division’s premiere, but eventually stayed in the regional squad. best bet offers They ended up as newcomers for the advancing team of Semil, and if the Jablonec Jizerou Jablonec Jablonec Jablonec jump off, they would get an offer for the procedure that they would accept thanks to the financial support of the city. But after the autumn part of the championship, there is no doubt that Chrastava, led by experienced Petřík coach and on the course conducted by renowned Spymaster Štajner, is a clear favorite for the final first prize and direct progress up.At the top of the table, he has 12 wins and a single defeat with five points ahead of Sedmihorkami.

“We did not expect it to be so easy. We have won some matches with luck, some of us have given our opponents debacles, “said Petr Rozmajzl, senior, chairman of the Spartaque in Crawford. “As for the eventual progress to the division, if we win the race, which is still far away, I will best online betting sites offers not say either now or not. I do not know it.

We do not want to fall as Semily. “

Chrastava clearly dominated the balance sheet. In 13 games they have only won 12 and on the other hand they scored 57. Beneš shone with 24 hits in the attack, the staggering Štajner hit 12 times.

“It is not just about them, the whole team must be overcome.For example, not to be behind the stomps of the Ropes and the Node or my boy Michal, who does the biggest black job and distributes the balloons, we would probably not be that high, “says Petr Rozmajzl. “Just as if there was not the right team that made the team.”

Big changes in the squad are not going through the winter. “People are getting enough to play with us, they would like to play here, but here they kicked out three quarters of Chrastava puppies and I want to keep that percentage,” said Rozmajzl.

Football clubs play attractive football with lots of goals and logically proud the highest average visit to home matches: according to official figures, it is 237. “We are very happy about this.Moreover, at least sixty fans with us regularly run for matches out there, which we value, “said Petr Rozmajzl.

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