Czech Republic – Finland 2: 1. A great start on the World Championships in the age of 20, decided Spadek

Great start to the tournament! Czech hockey players entered the world championship in Canada by a 2: 1 victory over their defending champions from Finland. The excellent combat performance of the Czech youth crowned a minute and 18 seconds before the end of Michael Spašek.

Home: 04:27. D. Krenželok, 58:42.

Guests: Luoto


Domestic: Skarek (Vladar) – Kvasnička, Hronek (C) Kalina Zbořil D. Krenželok Hrdinka Vála Špaček

Visitors: Vehviläinen (Kaarlehto) – Auschwitz, Auschwitz, Auschwitz, Saarijärvi (A), Välimäki, Heiskanen, Juolevi (C), Vaakanainen, Je.Mattila, Rautanen – Palma, Ju. Nättinen, Tolvanen – Kuokkanen, Borgström, Vesalainen – Koivula, Ruotsalainen, Räsänen – Björkqvist (A), Ju. Mattila, Luoto.

Next match in group A Waiting for coach Jacob Petra today at 19:00 CET against Switzerland. >

The Finns have already received the puck for Skark’s back in the first minute, but Kuokkanen pushed the puck after Vesalainen’s missile only after the strike. The Czechs were also active and in the 5th minute they came to the lead.Borgström’s co-player Borgström was in front of Vehviläinen.

VIDEO | Look at Špaček’s decisive goal.

Right now, he had another option from Chlapík and the two-by-one number was solved individually by Šústal, but the Finnish goal again hit. The Finns settled in the ninth minute. Luoto picked up the puck Musil in the middle zone, crossed over Kalin and snapped Skarka. The Czech team then threatened Šoustal and after being numbered by Jašek, the Czech goalie had to cover Juolevi’s blow. Petrov’s team in the opening act lost the wounded defender Kvasničku.

At the beginning of the second act, they pushed the Finns more into the attack, but the Czech defensive was not allowed into the chances.In the first power game of the match, Kashe’s elimination after a quick combination missed the goal in the ideal position of Palma. In the Kuokkanen punishment, Vehviläinen managed to set off the Guy Wound from the right circle.

VIDEO | Look at the match of the match

And the next passage of the match belonged to Peter’s choice. After an individual action, he just missed Kaše and threatened Koblížek. Škarek also had to cover dangerous attempts, but the Czechs had a chance. Reichel did not overcome Vehviläinen any more, the Finnish goal did not find the way to Kurovsky and a more precise fly was missing Suchý.

At the beginning of the third period he fired next to the right pole Nečas. Škarek had times to Välimäki flowing after a combination with Julius Mattila. Vehviläinen hit the trap after Kaše’s individual event.The Finns have defended themselves in weakening for too many players on ice. The Czech team made their opponents move the problem, and Musli’s attempt was made by three dangerous Krenželok missiles.

On the side of Finland, he could take Räsänen’s lead in 53 minutes. Three minutes before the end of the third part, the Finnish goalkeeper Zbořilovu ran away. But the Czechs were rewarded with full point gain for their excellent performance. On the left side of the coach, he sprang back to the blue line, fired exactly to the right pole and decided. The Finns in the power play vainly tried to balance.

Czech Republic – Finland 2: 1 (1: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0) Goals and Recording: 5. D. Krenželok (Nečas), 59. M. Špaček (A. Musil, Zbořil) – 9. Luoto. Judges: Björk (Sweden), Stricker (Switzerland) – Palej (Rus), Vanoosten (Kan). Exclusion: 1: 2.Not used.
Czech Republic: Škarek – Kvasnička, Hronek, Kalina, Zbořil, D. Krenželok, Hrdinka, Vála – M. Špaček, A. Musil, Nečas, Kurovsky – Jašek, F. Chlapík, Koblížek – Suchý, K. Reichel, Šoustal.

Sweden – Denmark 6: 1 (2: 0, 4: 0, 0: 1)
> Nylander (Ahl), 19. Eriksson Ek (Dahlin, Kylington), 25. Dahlen (Grundström, Carlsson), 27. Grundström, 34. Dahlin (G. Carlsson), 39. A. Nylander (Bernhardt, Eriksson Ek) – 58. Krag (Röndbjerg). Judges: Rohatsch (Germany), Salonen – Suominen (both Fin.), Fluri (Swiss). Exclusion: 3: 1. No use. In weakness: 1: 0.Spectators: 4518.

Group B (Toronto):

USA – Latvia 6: 1 (1: 1,

Terry), 60. Greenway (Kunin, Terry) – 16. Krastenbergs (EH Jansons). Referees: Kubuš (SR), Sidorenko – Goljak (both Běl.), Haurum (Dánsko). Exclusion: 7: 5, extra Balcers (Lot.) 10 min. Usage: 1: 0. Viewers: 7015.

Canada – Russia 5: 3 (1: 1, 2: 0, 2: 2) 4. Jost (Myers, Dubé), 34. Strome (Barzal, Chabot), 38. Roy (Gauthier), 44. Barzal (Dubois), 50. Strome (Barzal), 10. Sergacjov (46. Kaprizov Vorobjov, Rykov), 51. Rykov (Jurtajkin, Kaprizov). Judges: Hribik (Czech Republic), Linde – Dahmen (both Swedes), Davis (USA). Exclusion: 3: 6. Usage: 3: 1.Viewers: 18.099.