Federer Ironically: It’s great to win two sets and four to play

BRATISLAVA. Before the match Novak Djokovic told Federer that he was slow. After the meeting he acknowledged that it is still difficult against the Swiss legend. He resumed it for the second time in four days.

Both matches were difficult, as he needed three sets to win. “I am tired. It’s hard to play just 48 hours after the Paris finals, but I did it. Now I have to get the energy to play with Del Potrom, “said a Serbian tennis player.

Federer tried, in the first two sets he was even a slightly better player on the court, but the result was the end of the first set. In the second he almost lost 5: 3 lead, but he won him soberly in the secret. The third set was clearly Serb. He moved better and betrayed the rival physically.Frustrated Federer

“I feel great, it’s great to win with Novak two sets and four to play. Playing the match is exciting, “Federer said ironically on the press after the match. “I do not know what to tell you exactly. The season is not over yet, we can talk about these things after four games if I pass. “

On the court, the native of Basel looked much better psychic than Djokovic, who was seen to be afraid. Again, he showed the resilience that only Nadal has at a similar level.

Federer is looking forward to success, also because he did not get this year for the first time since 2002 to the grandslam final and has just one tournament title.There are up to seven in the rankings and if you do not hide the final, Stanislas Wawrinko’s compatriot may overtake him. It’s slower

“I do not have to be too negative. Still, I lost to Novak, not with a run. Once again he showed that he has one of the best defenses in the history of tennis. The fact is positive that it was a three-game match. I felt like I could win in the first two. I’m not doing that tragedy, I have other matches before, “added a thirty-five-year-old Swiss who won only two times this time over the elite tens and twice and lost eight.

Djokovic won the eighteenth game behind him and showed again that he is sovereign in the autumn. He dominated the defensive in particular.The difference was seen in the unforced errors that Federer made about twelve more.

Even before the match, the Serbian tennis player also expressed his disappointment with the legend of the Swiss legend. “I feel she’s moving slower than a year ago. This is the main reason why it has worse results. Never, however, will be an underestimated player. In spite of the slower movement, he still has tremendous blows. If he gives him, he can beat anyone in the circuit.