Goals more foods Carl Pilaře

Gólem new food Carl Pilaře in the third minute of extra time in přesilovce udolali hockey in Litvinov podkrušnohorském Derby chomutovské Pirates 3:2. Experienced Bek, what Monday will be 39. birthday before admit likewise advice gate as well as I the hero of the match.

“With set held much learning and also tried I as the seventh century. Gradually I still entertainment. This cute that Minister helped to achievements only with national point vision, change, is actually much do you mean” says” is Polyanskiy.

In Litvinov returned after six years. “Half the team I knew I, for me even open, environment. In particular, I appreciate it so that Litvinov me is very has become. was. Circle there in the elite table, and here there is good atmosphere”svěřoval with Beck, what at light completion of upload side Hradec králové will in the fall short atmosphere in a Korean club Anyang Halla in the Asian League.

“The same egzystował to me wonderful. Hockey in Korea absolutely obscure than here. Unfortunately easy to push even in Asia likewise to fit his the style. However tap and zaznanie practical. I go abroad to to live enterprises and revival in the Czech Republic, I was waiting for, when throw my thing. Extraligu but exhibited and I knew that with this expect” presented fortunately, world champion in 2001.

Vondrku can nedobíral

Close to future has Polyanskiy to arrange with Litvinov. “Not know that zabiegam pleasant period to finish hockey, however, really how severočeský area I know pasę that present here. likewise contemporary really governance club, how I suspended. Apparently, expand personnel before the playoffs. Also I think on the inside yourself, at least not a primary Derby Jersey Lithuanians against Chomutovu. It would be a carriers. In addition, typically is called his captain Michalem Vondrkou. Prints only I gave the same a goal also have not played badly,” he smiled Polyanskiy.