Halle was the last to qualify for HME, with 27 names

Kateřina Hálová, eight-year-old, extended the Czech athletic team for the European Championship in Belgrade, 26 qualified substitutes for the relay. The Zlín cross-country winner won the domestic championship at 2: 03.89 minutes and met the A limit. Pavel Maslák, who will be attacking the Third European Championship title in a run for 400 meters in a row, will take care of the second day of the championship, On the half-track in Prague, he had a second career performance of 20.57 seconds.

Fattening behind his own Czech record of five hundred and was satisfied with time, feeling it was not yet.In a similar form, however, the World Championship in Sopot in the Czech Republic won a Thursday in the Czech record of 45.24. “It’s a sign of speed, but I’m a little tired,” said Maslák.

Belgrade has no goal other than gold, since he has not won four seasons in the hall and has two world championship titles. “It’s true, everyone is expecting me, and I can not have any other goal than to defend the title.” I believe, I know that if I run it first, I’ll watch it, “said Maslak. “It will be important how the forces will stay.Three races take a lot of strength, “he added.

The winner of the women’s double was Denisa Rosolová, her representative colleague Zuzana Hejna also defeated Barbora Dvorakova, daughter of the director of the Tomáš Dvořák representation. The Olympic season has never failed, but this year’s European Champion of Paris is a good http://sportbet-bonus.com/betclic form, despite long-standing difficulty with the Achilles tendon. “I will survive the race, but I suffer a lot. So I’m curious about what to do in Belgrade, “she admitted uncertainty.

After an indoor season, she will go to an operation where her doctor will clean her soles to be ready for the summer.So we decided to make a small operation, I would normally have to work in ten days, “Rosol planned.” I felt it again today, so it will be meat, “she said.

Who made the first attempt at 20.84 meters, but after the third season he finished the competition. “I had a little trouble with my elbow, so I did not want to risk injuries,” explained the bronze medalist from the previous HME in Prague, the Czech first Tomáš Staněk still has a thigh muscles

HME in Belgrade: 27 names

Twenty-seven names are the final nomination of Czech athletes for the European Championship to be held next week from Friday to Sunday in Belgrade.The star of the team is quartermaster Pavel Maslák, who has not won the podium under the roof for four years and will attack the third title of the continental hall champion behind. With a high ambition, Serbia’s second female European leader Zuzana Hejnova will also be coming to Serbia.

The champion in Serbia can also think of the bronze champion Adam Sebastian Helcelet, who has a life form this year, Stanek with Ladislav Prášil. Both of them have light health injuries, Staněk s muscle, bronze advocate from Prague with an elbow.In the season, Jakub Holuša, the winner of the HME Prague fifteen, Radek Juška, who won the silver two years ago, and the punk Jiřina Ptáčníková, dropped the season because of the injury. The team eventually got the second substitute for the 4×400 meter relay Michal Desen. The reason is that the permanent members of Relay Maslaka, Jan Tesař, Patrik Šorm and Jan Kubista are waiting for individual starts on smooth foursquare. The first substitute is Vít Müller. The team is waiting for the bronze defense of the championship in Prague.

Belgrade is the second most numerous expedition in the history of HME, the most athletes have hitherto competed on the domestic indoor continental championship in Prague where Czech athletes won two titles and a total of six medals.Besides Holuša and Yushka, I will not advocate even the multiboy Eliška Klučinová, who also faced health problems.

Klára Seidlová, Barbora Procházková (both 60 m), Zuzana Hejnová, Denisa Rosolová (both 400 m), Lenka Masná, Kateřina Hálová (both 800 m), Diana Mezuliáníková, Simona Vrzalová (both 800 m, 1500 m, 3000 m), Michaela Hrubá (height) P>

200 m: 1. Mascara (Dukla Praha) 20,57, 2. Jirka (Olymp Praha) 20,99, 3. Šorm (Dukla Praha) 21,19.

400 m: 1. Desenský (Hradec Králové) 48,04, 2. Holibka (Olymp Praha) 48,24, 3. Müller (Nymburk) 48,62. >

800 m: 1. Šnejdr (Slavia Praha) 1: 50,28 2. Mlynář (Ústí nad Orlicí) 1: 50,42 3. Hodboď (Hradec Králové)

1500 m: 1.Kubista (Dukla Praha) 3: 50,11, 2. Zemaník (Vítkovice) 3: 52,74, 3. Šimsa (Dukla Praha) 3: 55,41. 1. Zelinka (USK Praha) 753, 2. Pírek 740, 3. Navrátil (Brno University) 728.

Balls: , 84, 2. Novák (Olomouc) 18,93, 3. Marcell (Brno University) 18,85.

200 m: 68, 2. B. Dvořáková 23,86, 3. Hejnová (both Dukla Praha) 24,06.

400 m: , 2. Malíková (Opava) 54,20, 3. Symerská (Kroměříž) 54,33. 1. Hálová (Zlín) 2: 03,89,

1500 m:

Praha) 4: 26,41, 2. Drábková (Nové Město nad Metují) 4: 27,31, 3.(JAC Brno) 186, 2. Strachová (Olymp Praha) 183, 3. Klucinová (USK) 4: 28,30.

Trojskok: 1. Buranská (Sokol Kolín) 12,58, 2. Horniaková (Olymp Praha) 12,51, 3.Jirmanova (Dukla Praha) 12,45.