Hanzal’s exchange? General manager Wild apologized to scouts

Great reinforcements ask for sacrifices. Trends during the transfer period often have the same scenario, the strong team strengthens and drops the promising election in the draft for immediate success, the weak team, on the other hand, handles high-quality players and hopes that the youngsters of the upcoming auction from the organization will soon make a competitive rival. Often, the scouts’ job is coming to an end.

Martin Hanzal has been irritating the media for months, and perhaps appeared in every transfer speculation. It was not a question of whether it would happen, but when. Ten years in Arizona he left behind his head and just a week ago he got busted, picked up Ryan Whitt and flew to Minnesota.

Wild has been doing a lot of success for years and this year could be a breakthrough.At the gate there is one of the best goalkeepers of the competition Devan Dubnyk, the defense is alternating experience and maturing youth and the attack is the second strongest in the NHL. That’s why they decided to hurry in Minnesota.

For the duo Hanzal-White, Arizona won the first round of the 2017 draft, 2nd round 2018 and 4th 2019. But in the That Wild in this playoff will advance to the Conference Final to change to the 2nd Round. This year’s NHL was rejuvenated with a rejuvenating path, and that’s why it was really high.

The conscious general manager of the team decided to do just one more phone call after the transfer deadline.He called several amateur Scouts of Minnesota. “So imagine that you are a scout, and after five months of doing your job you will find that your team has just exchanged the first round,” Chuck Fletcher told Star-Tribune.

And then “You are talking about the next few miles, focusing on the best player, the one your team wishes to take in the first round, and so much time you will be separated from the family…”

Fletcher is in the executive chair For 24 season, the work of amateur scouts is very well known, and knows that it is an appreciation for them to stand in the 1st round on the podium next to a young man. They are not the scouts who sleep in the best hotels and only go for those selected matches.These are somewhat more demanding and heavier.

Assistant to General Manager Brent Flahr, who has Minnesota drafting under his thumb, knows the scouts understand this philosophy. “They also want to win the Stanley Cup,” adds Flahr, “winning a player like Hanzal everyone wants is great, especially when you take into account that we did not have to sacrifice any talented young man,” Flahr said. P>

Minnesota was able to afford such a move with its solid player core and several teenage youths in reserve. “It is not possible every year, but this year we felt that it was the right moment to risk,” said Flahr vigorously.

The next few weeks will show.