Hockey Mohykaans: Which is better, the Czech star Jágr or Slovak hero Šatan?

BRATISLAVA – Most ice hockey fans say they can not compare incomparable.

Nevertheless, for the Slovaks, Miroslav Šatan means at least what Jaromír Jágr has for Czech fans. Common assumptions, talents and international achievements – these are the facts that enter into the lives of both. But while Jagr still stars in the NHL, the fans of the Shatan predict the end of their career. best online betting offers < /hokej-miroslav-satan-jaromir-365579.jpg "title =" The Last Mohicans Miroslav Šatan and Jaromír Jágr "alt =" The Last Mohicans Miroslav Šatan and Jaromír Jágr "height =" 86 "/>
  • img src = “/ cacheImg / obr / 86px / slovan-dinamo-miroslav-365526.jpg” title = “Miroslav Šatan” alt = “Miroslav Šatan” height = “86” /> = “/ cacheImg / obr / 86px / miroslav-satan-365524.jpg” title = betting offer “This is how Miro Šatan is happy to enjoy the goal, especially against the Czechs.” alt = “This is how Miro Šatan can enjoy the goal, especially against the Czechs.” height = “86” />
  • Smutok na slovenskej striedačke Miroslav Šatan on training  Jaromir Jagr  Jaromir Jagr in New Jersey Devils  Jaromir Jagr was witnessing an unfortunate <a href=betting site offers accident near his home. 20 years old boy was unable to help “height =” 86 “/> Jaromír Jágr
  • What do they have in common?Both left-handers play on the right wing, both can be attributed to the lead in some of the national statistics, both reached the Stanley Cup.

    three centimeters higher and 19 kilograms lighter than Jagr, yet it has also been made thanks to the inscription on the jersey (SATAN) for the opponents. Jagr takes the title of the best European player in the NHL.

    The native of Kladno was drafted in the first round of the Pittsburgh Penguins team in fifth place in 1990, Topolcana in 1993 with Edmonton Oilers 111thSixth Round.

    His career had a rocket start, he won the Stanley Cup in 1991 and 1992, and for the first time in the 1994/1995 season he took the first place in the Canadian scoring and took home Art Ross Trophy. This prestigious award has been achieved every year from the 1997/1998 season to 2000/2001.

    In the meantime, Shatan has overtaken himself every year, increasing the number of points and productivity in each new season. He holds all Slovak medals from world championships, bronze of 2003, two silver of 2000 and 2012 and the most precious gold of 2002. their Czech counterparts, therefore, always crossed the hockey sticks in the overseas NHL, never being team-mates.This is of course also true for the world championships.

    However, these meetings have a special flavor. Czechs under the leadership of Jaromír Jágra were mostly a team that abolished the Slovak hopes for a medal or a medal.The best victory was the Bronze Age of the Slovaks, led by Captain Miro Šatan, at the World Championships in Helsinki, where at the top international forum defeated the representation of our neighbors for the first time. Shatan scored ten goals for six goals and four assists in nine rounds.

    Look at the Satan opening goal at about 1:11

    Forty-one-year-old current New Jersey Devils can not discourage gold and bronze medals from the Winter Olympics games from Nagano and Turin.It is precisely the taste of such a victory that Miroslav Šatan is missing in order to be able to build his experience in a memorial.

    Sochi’s Olympic Games at the beginning of next year are his last chance. Shatan is 39 years old, after the last cervical spine injury is longer outside the training ice. Vladimír V only encountered in the effort to solve the dilemma of his start in Sochi.

    On the surface, they also flown fresh information about the Finnish first-league team KalPa Kuopio, who still has a great interest in Slovak ice hockey.He would join him with another Slovak medalist Rastislav Pavlikovsky.