Kliman moved to Petrohrad in the final

Both players have lost their submissions in the opening games. In the seventh game Kliman gained a 4: 3 lead and received the gem to receive afterwards and confirmed, although after two heavily reversed brejkbaloch.

In the tenth game, he went to the triumph in the 5: 4, but Južnyi did not let him concentrate to the setball and settled to 5: 5. The set was finally decided in the secret, which was a real “passerby”. The game was like a swing, at 6: 5 the Slovakian had the first setball, but Južnyj turned it away, just like the following three and he used his third chance at the 12:15 to win the first set.

The players had a great deal of difficulty in maintaining the service, the 3: 2 status for South was the result of a series of five brewers.The favorite of the match then adjusted to 4: 2 and seemed to break his rival.

However, Kliman was surprised to invite him, but in this phase he helped with the frequent unforgivable errors of the former top 10 player. The next run of the set was just him, he served well, after two more breaks he won four games in a row and won 6 : 4th

Losses continued in the first two sets of the decisive set. Bread could break into the sixth long gem, after Kliman won the lead for more than 11 minutes and won a lead of 4: 2.

In the 5: 3 game, he was delved from the match in the match, but the script from the first set was repeated, and Južnyi kept the hope of success with two pure games. The decision about the finalist had to bring the secret.In it, Karol Kučera, the assistant, quickly took the lead 4: 1 and in the 6: 3 position he turned the first mecbal.

The tennis players spent on the court for 3 hours 48 minutes, which is a three-tiered battle, although dramatic, rather unprecedented.

“This year’s my record-breaking long game, I’m glad to be able to win it, I also have the information that this tournament is also the longest history of the game, Very often we have burst each other, more than 15 times, that is really extreme, foolishness, “he commented on his last penultimate performance in Petrohrady Kliyan.

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