Kozák: Who once had the ball in the village, had friends too

Kosice. Football coach Ján Kozák (61) enjoys this year’s Christmas. Nothing has changed the historical progress of Slovak footballers under his leadership in the European Championship or a number of accompanying events that are related to becoming a sought-after personality.

“So I was bred to look at Christmas, and while my parents lived, we were meeting at home all in Matejovce with my family, sister with my family, sadly, they both died. Take us to the relay We always love when we are again as a family We have the best feeling when we all sit down to a common table.The two of us with our wife, son and daughter with families, nine people, “said Ján Kozák on Christmas theme.

He has said that he has been in charge of Christmas trees for a long time, and that his wife is finalizing gifts and a gala dinner.

By the way, gifts. How’s the guy’s relationship to his sixties, and how do he remember those of his childhood?

“I never thought about big gifts or their amount. It is important to remember the other. When I was a boy, I enjoyed a soccer ball or skates. There was no abundance at home, but it was always there. And who had a soccer ball, he already had friends.So it was once in the village and that was a big advantage, “said Kozák.

The representative coach also added the incident under what circumstances he stopped believing that the gifts are worn by Jesus.

We did not show up with our sister and we started smoking in the closets. What we saw there suddenly appeared under the tree. We have never admitted that we have found it before. We were afraid to admit that we were looking for something, and secondly, we wanted to make our parents happy too, “said Ján Kozák years later.

The trainer with rich experience was once a thunderbolt, now he became a more domestic type , Which is also evident during holidays.

“The spirit of Christmas may generally disappear, but I do not.I’m trying to keep her chin at home. Later, the whole family will be on New Year’s Eve. We do not even go anywhere in the business, but we recognize the arrival of the New Year in the blouse, “he said with a smile on his face. Despite the festive atmosphere and the observance of the Christmas customs, the former representative and nowadays the successful coach does not deny the football admirer. During the most beautiful holidays of the year.

“How can I not think about football during Christmas? Yes, but when Stephan starts playing at least the English league, I have something to look at. Football is my job, but at the same time, I am still enjoying myself. I look forward to every good match. I will definitely not see it just because I have to, “added Ján Kozák.