Marianske Lazne is a Czech title on a long flat track

“This year, the organizers managed to get twelve Czech competitors, so it will be a real home championship after a long time,” Jaroslav Pták from the organizing staff of the championship, a long-time and successful rider. This year’s newcomer will be the most favorite of Josef Franc, who will be breathing Richard Wolff’s back. “Josef Franc is definitely the biggest winner this year, but Richard Wolff is no chance. “He is also an absolute world leader. Fourteen days ago he had been flying sparks from his ears and jumping from motorbike to motorbike.”This is only to prove that this year’s Czech title is extremely hungry,” said Bird.

This year, Rodney McDonald, the thirty-eight-year-old star, is the biggest star among the three participants abroad. “He is an Australian, but lives in England where he runs a short-distance profileig. However, the long runway also runs very well. He is a very experienced rider, a real star and, in any case, one of his boxing candidates, “says a long-time Czech representative and speedway legend. Another foreign rider Markus Eibl won the audience in Mariánské Lázně in his risky style of driving in previous years. “Either he makes two points or wins all day,” Bird says.Also, Eibl will be among the favorites this year. “But it will depend on how he sleeps,” adds Bird.

Among other Czech riders it will be interesting to watch Michael Haďek’s return on a long runway. Karel Kadlec, the Pilsen driver, will also be among the top Czech drivers this year, and he will be the only Czech rider on Saturday between Energybet football bets online the veterans. This is where the races of the European series will be divided into two parts: two and fourscore and the main magnets will be Englishmen Bob Dolman and John Hartley or Francesco Barbetta, a 65-year-old Italian running under the Czech racing license.

Also interesting in Marianske Lazne accompanying program. Quads can imagine everybody, but Energybet free online betting what about flattrack?The overseas analogy of a long flat track runs on motocross motors with nineteen-wheeled wheels on road tires makes a long flat track for racers more accessible and is also eye-catching for spectators who will find a single woman this year: German Jasmin Poppenreiter.

After two days training sessions begin at 9 o’clock, races start at 13 o’clock. On Saturday there is free admission, on Sunday it will be a hundred, children under 15 do not pay.

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