NHL knocked him off. The engineers of Ontario now wear their hands

BRATISLAVA. They do not belong to the most serious hockey players, they do not play in important matches. The ice is usually only a few minutes away. But they awaken respect and often give the team a new impulse. Even though their number drops year after year, they still Energybet free sports bet enjoy great fans. Bullies. Before the season, hardly anyone predicted that one of them would be the biggest hockey star in popularity. And yet it happened. Fan campaign It looked like a fan of jokes. Several overseas hockey portals and blogs have decided to get an unknown player into the NHL Star Game – John Scott’s striker Arizona. Emotive happyend – Scott as MVP Star wrestling. Video //www.youtube.com/embed/7U_K-1UybFg “It’s fun, but I hope it’s over.I do not want to get into the Star Game this way. I do not deserve it, “Scott told the League last December when he was still voting. However, the fan initiative did not stop. The outsider became the winner of the vote and the captain of the Pacific Division team. “I was surprised, shocked and excited, I thought it was a joke, but it happened and I will try to seize it and give it away,” said 33-year-old hockey player for AZ Central, but it was a complication. Scott had changed from Arizona to Montreal just two weeks before the exhibition match, and Montreal sent him to the farm right away. “I saw my name in the media, in the press, and in the assemblies. I, John Scott, have new gloves. On Star wrestling. The players are also happy for me.They make jokes, but everything is in good mood. And then it came, “wrote Scott in The Players Tribune blog. “I see our general manager opening the door, he does not smile, he tells us – John, can we talk to each other?

We went into the room and closed the door, and then he told me – we changed you, no, no. “I heard him very well, but I needed to repeat it, we just exchanged you to Montreal,” he said. “I do not understand the mid-season when the team wins. If you know the NHL, you know it’s just not going to happen.” “John, this is how it works. We are trying to improve our team.We had a chance to get a player, so we picked him up, he told me. “A kiss for a wife who is in the ninth month of pregnancy and waiting for twins on the right is Scott ‘s daughter PHOTO – TASR / AP” I leave the conversation left for myself because I’m a professional . But you can fill in empty spaces. It is, as we say in business, emotional. I packed my sticks and skates. I went back to the gym and took the gloves. They were still where we chatted with boys. John Scott, All-Star. I threw them in my bag. A long journey home has begun. “” I try not to think about how many my daughters have been for years and how long they will hate this move. Or the stress of a wife who is in the ninth month of pregnancy and waiting for twins.Our team in Phoenix almost did not believe, but I’m proud to have done something together. I’m not trying to think about how I do not want to leave. “” And I’m not trying to think that I should have guessed it. “It will never let Scott in the blog indicate what the overseas hockey public was convinced of. The Montreal swap was purposeful and the fingers in it had NHL leadership that tried to prevent it from starting in Starflash. Scotta chose fans as captain of the Pacific Division. He should not be replaced, however, as Montreal plays in the Atlantic Division. Before the Star Game. PHOTO – SITA / AP Scott remembered how his teammate sent him his essay at the time of the vote. “They will never let you play (in the Star Game).They will never let you go there. Scott wrote in the blog, “You think you know me, or at least stereotypes about John Scott. Well, let me tell you something that might surprise you – I never wanted to be a batter.” He describes how Was his legendary defender Ray Bourque, his youthful defense, his career as a forwarder, his career as a forwarder, and his tremendous talents that he was too old or too slow to work with, though he did not believe “When I’m thirty, I’ll be sitting in the office somewhere in sleeping Ontario, in a suit, and I’ll be happy,” he thought.He remembered a 10-hour bus ride for matches at the opponents, in winter and with broken healing. While watching the movies, he read scripts. “I did not even think of playing NHL star games once,” he admitted, as the engineer became a bitch Finishing school, he got ready to settle down, but things got worse He got an offer from Houston, who works in AHL “If he does not resist, he returns to real life because he has a degree from school, nothing can happen, he started with the battles in AHL.” Maybe you do not know, but in 23 years I have even once He did not want ice. I did not know anything about it. At AHL I was four or five times for the match – hey, you big bastard, you want to go for it? I refused. But then it happened, “he wrote.Passport with a friend and former teammate in Chicago, Patrick Kanom. PHOTO – TASR / AP The coach warned him of the Peoria D.J. Kingom. “And what did I do? I liked him, one of them hit the jaw, but somehow I managed to keep my feet and I won the fight, the players were enthusiastic, and then I realized that I had a good Energybet online betting feeling of being “Sir, your passport in his third season in AHL (and the last according to the promise he had previously given to his fiancée) happened something that he did not expect to ever happen. He was with the team on the tripe, they called from Minnesota, and they wanted to go to the Calgary match tonight.But when he arrived at the airport and wondered what it would be like to play over 20,000 viewers, the question came to him, “Sir, your passport?” He did not have it with him, leaving him in Houston, not taking him on a trip. He did not expect to call him to the first team, and he did not get to Calgary, Scott’s joy from the goal in the Stars’ Fight. “I thought it was all. That another chance will not come. But a couple of weeks ago they called me back. To fight against Detroit. When I jumped for the first substitution, Pavel Daciuk and Nick Lidström stood on ice. It was scary. “Scott claims that people often underestimate the fighters. They play only a few minutes, they are slaughtered and they have a broken. “You never know how to stop thinking.Even though you are the toughest and most feared guy in the league, you are still scared. In my first year in the NHL it was also bad that I could not sleep. At night, I watched you with the bats from the teams against whom we were supposed to play. Steve Macintyre. Eric Godard…I saw the monsters and I wrestled with them in my head weeks ago. When my wife once told me – they’re probably sitting at home at the computer, looking at how you’re beating someone, and having the same fear. That helped me, “he said. In addition to Minnesota, he played for Chicago, New York Rangers, Buffalo, San Jose, and last for Arizona. However, he was never a leader, only eleven points in the NHL.That’s why he did not protest when the leadership of the league called on him to dampen the vote of the fans to the Star Game in his favor. “I did it without hesitation,” I said, “I do not deserve to vote for my teammates, and I thought it was true,” said John Scott (right) with Patrick Kan and Dustin Byfuglien (left) TASR / AP “But as I did not deserve to go to the Star Game, I did not deserve the way the league leadership behaved. Do you think this is something your kids would be proud of? That was the question they lost, “wrote Scott. “I’m not a random street man who won a golden prize in a competition to play hockey with stars. Sure, the vote of the fans was a joke.But I’m one of the top 700 players in North America. And I worked hard for it. I’ve been on skateboarding for three years every day. “They wore it on the shoulders. The NHL leadership after the protests of the fans and Scott’s Star Wrestling. And what happened in Nashville was just the cherry on the cake. Scott was the biggest Star of Star Game. He presented the biggest audience overseeing the players, with two goals scored in the miniturn of the four divisions, showing a smile with the most productive player of the competition, Patrick Kano, a former teammate from Chicago. Scott finally declared the most useful match player. When he answered the reporter’s questions before the camera, the teammates chuckled him in the middle of the conversation and wore his shoulders.Later, he had his own press conference. John Scott in the hands of his teammates. Video //www.youtube.com/embed/NRUmpLg-BRY His story attracted filmmakers as well. TSN’s TV agent said he had been offered a job to refine his career. Whether his story will continue in Montreal or another NHL club is now uncertain. In one, Scott is clear.

“When my kids are older, I’ll tell them the whole story of a crazy January, when we had to move away from nothing when their father was in the news and played that strange match in Nashville. story. “

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