Oh, the first thirds … They’re not good, patience wants, says Růžička

When players use a phrased phrase that hockey is played for 60 minutes, they usually mean the turn of the game. However, the representation at the World Championship must be reminded that in the 60 minutes there are also the first twenty.

The Czechs won four World Cup matches from the sixth and fifth ones in an extension. However, the view on the balance of the introductory thirds offers a completely different picture. With Sweden “running” the national team in the eighth minute 0: 2. With Latvia he had to pull from the 14th minute, with Canada losing from the fifth minute, with Germany from the eighth. With Austria he was in the middle of the match in a stateless position and was not worse than Ondrej Pavelce’s goal scorer.And the goal was not given by the Czechs in the first act nor by France.

“It is true that we do not have the first thirds good,” said Vladimír Růžička, head coach. “It’s a shame we do not play from the start as in thirds. We need to be more patient. It seems to me that we want to score quickly and unfortunately we will usually get it from a counterattack. “

Czechs who are driven by the crowded spectators in the sold O2 arena will usually squeeze in the first substitutions. But from a pressure they can not score a goal, one hesitation comes and from then on, the game of the team is split up so long that they are getting together for too long. “The beginnings of the game are fairly decent. We went back to that, we played in the body.But from the fourth minute we start making mistakes, “Ruzicka did not understand after a 4: 2 win in the match Germany in which his supporters lost 0: 1 and 2: 1. “As if the curtain fell, we all suddenly began to ruin and err. I do not know how is it possible. We have to make it better. “It is true that the Czechs have three games with outsiders who have often skidded in the introductory acts, but the whole game with them did not last. “They will, of course, leave because they can not divide their forces. They do not look at it as a marathon and sprint the first ten kilometers. That’s why we have problems in the first few months, “veteran Jaromir Jagr looked for.

” Matches with teams like Germany or Austria are terribly demanding.They will be able to skate with us for half the time, but then we will play them with physics and skating, it is important, “added Captain Jakub Voracek, who glorified the strength of the team to rotate the match in their second half. 20.15 is waiting for the Czech team Switzerland, which is still more experienced and long ago is not in the category of weaker representations. And in the quarterfinals, he will come from Ostrava to challenge the home team even harder opponent. Just try out three of your likely rivals to choose: fast Americans, tactically advanced Finns or Russians charged with offensive esai?”We have to go into this from the first minute, because if we play against the strong opponents in the quarterfinals, we could also lose 3: 0 or 4: 0, “clearly experienced center Jiří Novotný. “We’ll have to say it in the cabin. The coaches keep telling us all the time, the cab must have to live longer and get the full balls from the beginning. Because that’s really startling. We look at each other, we do not help, we do not speak. Then, when we lose, we turn on and we are a better team, the cadre is excellent. I do not want to underestimate the Germans, but when we turn on we can defeat everyone. “

According to coaches, the problem is mainly in the defensive game of the attackers. “The power of the attack is good.But in the defensive, it still does. And I think this is a game of attackers backwards. It seems to me that we still want to score a goal and push us very forward. But the opponents are of good quality, they sacrifice sacrifice and have fast breaks, “Ruzicka said.

During the match with Germany, he again relayed the attacks and continued on Monday’s training. Novotny went to the second line to Jágr instead of Jan Kovář center, Martin Erat returned to the left wing of the first formation. Main reason: Defensive.

“Sometimes we have too much trouble to attack, some players are missing in some three,” the coach explained. “We play it somehow, that nothing can happen to us. But the quality of the opponents is very good.You’ve seen it, made a mistake, renounced us and (Michael Wolf) almost pulled out a piece of gallows, it was a blow…We have to avoid such mistakes and mistakes and make them as little as possible. To keep us out of order, they went into full, at least four players. We have three more days to work on. “