Kliman moved to Petrohrad in the final

Both players have lost their submissions in the opening games. In the seventh game Kliman gained a 4: 3 lead and received the gem to receive afterwards and confirmed, although after two heavily reversed brejkbaloch. In the tenth game, he

Djokovic: Nadal is the best this year

BRATISLAVA. Week before the US Open, Rafael Nadal seems to have the best shape in the tournament. A Spanish tennis player showed in Montreal and Cincinnati that knee problems are now blessed and he is fully prepared to crack a

Federer Ironically: It’s great to win two sets and four to play

BRATISLAVA. Before the match Novak Djokovic told Federer that he was slow. After the meeting he acknowledged that it is still difficult against the Swiss legend. He resumed it for the second time in four days. Both matches were difficult,

Sharapov stepped forward, Cibulka succeeded in the quad

MELBOURNE. In a sober way, Russia’s Maria Sharapova fought for the eighth finals of the grandslam’s Australian Open. The second set was played in 62 minutes by Zarina Dijas, who allowed only two games to play. After 6: 1, 6:

NHL knocked him off. The engineers of Ontario now wear their hands

BRATISLAVA. They do not belong to the most serious hockey players, they do not play in important matches. The ice is usually only a few minutes away. But they awaken respect and often give the team a new impulse. Even

Despite the good game, Trenčín succumbed to the Legion. We were better, says Shevela

Zilina. Trenčan Ševela tracer surprised and before the experienced Šemrincom gave the opportunity to the only 20-year-old Chovan. In the legion, the Polish representatives of Jodlowiec and Pazdan, the French legionnaire Moulin and the Hungarian gunman Nikolich, who gave all

Nadal dropped ten in the rankings

The winner of Roland Garros and Federer compatriot Stan Wawrinka, having gained 2000 points, jumped from ninth to fourth. Spaniard Rafael Nadal after unsuccessful title defense dropped from seventh to tenth, which is the worst for him after more than

Poprad managed to beat Zvolen, Banská Bystrica succeeded in Trenčín

Decided by: D. Konc, Lauff – Rovenský, Smrek, exclusion: 6: 4 for 2 min, power play: 1: 2, weakness: 0: 0, 2215 spectators. 1: 2 / Decided by: M. Novák, Jonák – Tvrdoň, Trip, 2: 6 2 min + Energybet

Vonn won the winning Hetrik in Lake Louise

LAKE LOUISE. American skier Lindsey Vonn at Lake Louise won the hetrik when after the triumphs on Fridays and Saturdays she dominated the Sunday superalbum slalom of the Alpine World Cup in the Canadian winter resort. The large globe holder

Banská Bystrica managed to beat Nitra 4: 2 at home and equalized the state of the series

Discard: 5: 4 for 2 min, power play: 2: 0, weakness: 0: 0, decided by: Kubuš, Müllner – Šefčík, Tour, 2841 spectators / Tom Tomas became the hero of the duel. After the exact intervention, Mario Lunter and Jason Bast