Ružomberčany in the first eight-finals duel was not enough to Novosibirsk

RUZOMBEROK – Slovakia’s basketball vicemajsterky from the MBK Ružomberok team lost in the first round of the FIBA ​​European championship with the Russian team Dinamo-GUVD Novosibirsk 57:60 (28:34).

 Katarína Tetemondová a Sidney Spencer
  •  Katarína Tetemondová v akci
  • img src = “/ cacheImg / obr / 86px / natalia-myasoedova-veronika-cernakova-75798.jpg” title = “Veronika Cernáková and Natalia Myasoed” alt = “Veronika Cernáková and Natalia Myas
  •  Anastasia Loginova, Klaudia Lukačovičová a Natalia Myasoedova  Sidney Spencer and Katarina Tetemondová  The winning joy of the player in Novosibirsk
  • Stephan Svittek’s betting prizes betrayed the game from a game that was above 30 percent.Reverse in approximately 4500 km of the remote city of Siberia is scheduled for a week later 13 December at 13:00 CET. The number of victories decides during the elimination phase.

    The FIBA ​​EP lasts until the quarter-final playoff, Russia – Dinamo-GUVD Novosibirsk (RUS) 57: 60 (17:21, 11:13, 10: 8, 19:18)
    Ruzomberok: Holmesová 15, K. Tetemondová 8, Minčíková, Kmeťová and D.Baburova po 0 (Lukačovičová 14, Černáková 13, Anderssonová 4, Brezániová 3)
    Most points Novosibirska: Poťominová and Turnerová (3 trojky) po 14, Miasojedovová 11
    TH: 14/11 – 23/16, 20 – 20, troika: 4 – 6, Kudlicki (Poland), Eger (Rak.) And Szczerba (Poland), 1,500 spectators

    Ružomberčany badly entered an important meeting. In the first quarter they lagged behind favored opponents 0: 5 and 6:17 in 6 min. At the end of the opening game, however, the returnee Lukačovičová dropped to 17:19. And shortly after entering the second ten minutes, the jubilation of Rožmberk had come to a halt – Tetemond’s troika topped the score on the side of MBK (22:21). However, Stefano Svitak’s rehearsal was only a moment away.The hosts took advantage of the weak shooting of Liptáčok (only 28% in the first half of the game) and at the end of the first half, despite the skill of 12 lost balls, they made a “warning” 8-point lead 34:26. ​​After the turn, Novosibirsk maintained a slight a distance that in the 26th minute grew to a double-digit difference of 42:32. By the end of the third quarter, however, domestic basketball players had raised their heads, their troop of Tetemond crowned 5 seconds before the final 30 minutes – 38:42. Holmes in the 34th minute dropped to 48:49, but “Ruiz” then repeatedly missed one step to reverse the unfavorable development. At 50:51 at 36.min

    Stephen Svitek (coach Ruzomberka): “It was a very difficult match, we did not start well, we lost 11 points in the 6th minute, which is very difficult to do, especially against the team that played 35 minutes of the zone defense, again we had a low shot success, the result against a strong opponent is quite flattering for us, although the final “