Slovan pleased home fans: Janus with a clean account of Spartak from Moscow

BRATISLAVA – Slovan Bratislava hockey players won the initial home preparation session before the new KHL season over Spartak Moscow 2: 0.The goal of the Slovak team was taken care of in the third quarter by Roman Kukumberg and Mário Bližňák, Jaroslav Janus kept the clean account in the “belasých” goal. -moskva-357107.jpg “title =” Andrej Šťastný před brankář Glassom “alt =” Andrej Šťastný před brankář Glassom “height =” 86 “/>  Spartacus goalkeeper Jeff Glass

  •  Jaroslav Janus
  •  Michal Sersen and Viktor Bobrov in front of the goal Slovana

  • Jpg “title =” Michal Vondrka and Vecseslav Kozlov in battle at mantineli “alt =” Michal Vondrka and Vieccek Kozlov in battle at mantinel “height =” 86 “/>
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  •  Mário Bližňák and Alexander Nikulin
  • Roman Kukumberg Src = “/ cacheImg / obr / 86px / spartak-moskva-khl-michal-357123.jpg” title = “Michal Sersen and Mário Bližňák celebrate Slovan goal” alt = “Michal Sersen and Mário Bližňák celebrates the goal of Slovan” “/>

    The coach of Rostislav Chad will play another preparatory duel for a week on Thursday.

    The sold Slovnaft Arena has seen an equally balanced hockey game in which the game was quickly poured out from the home in the home environment against Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod.

    Goals: 44. Kukumberg (Miklík), 57. Bližňák (Bartovič, Netík). They decided: Baluška, Kubuš, exclusions: 4: 5 for 2 min, power play 0: 0, weaknesses: 1: 0, 10.055 spectators (sold out)

    Janus – Škula, Sersen, Moses, Sigalet, Štajnoch, Mihálik – Netík, Bližňák, Bartovič – Miklík, Ölvecký, Vondrka – Hudáček, Kukumberg, Kudrna – R. Mráz, Šťastný, T.

    Rostislav Čada, coach of Slovan: “I was very pleased with the match because we did very hard work , The team tactically moved very well and in our game there was a minimum of mistakes and a lot of patience as in the previous KHL season, especially thanks to which we managed to win over such high-quality opponent as Spartak, and we will continue to play organized and disciplined hockey. “

    Roman Kukumberg, the author of the first goal of Slovan: ” The goal was not awaiting the goal. In KHL, the spectators were our sixth player from the beginning.In our game, there were still shortcomings, especially in the defensive, there was a chaos, but it also results from a lack of pace. We have not been able to do that yet in the power games, even though they are out on training. I believe it will be even better. “

    Jaroslav Janus, Goalkeeper Slovan: ” The match reminded me of last season’s preparation Slovan picked up a clean account. The boys did a great performance, we skipped well and the opponent did not make a single chance. So far, we have a defensive system and we do not let our opponent compete in shooting, although it’s still just a preparation. The new reinforcements appear in good light and fit into the squad.”

    Martin Škoula, defender of the Slovan: “Just because July was over, there was a lot of people at the stadium and a great atmosphere. Our performance was even better than Slavia, we are getting into it slowly. Today it was rather such a Russian hockey, the opponent often held a puck and waited for a good chance. But we have covered them well and we have to play against the KHL teams. Slovan had a defensive team in the last season, and I think it does not have to change when it was successful. As far as my teachings are concerned in the team, it’s still not perfect, I need to improve some more. But I have a month longer. “