Smiles, tricks and pieces on escalators. Barcelona sets the stage for the final

But he laughed. Messi, Suarez also. Not for the first time and not the last time.

Another has said little attention outside the court: just defender Dani Alves on the escalators on the lawn. The moving stairs, which now turn directly to the entrance to the playground, go with their hands and feet on the handles. When he jumped down, he still shouted to the camera. In short, Barcelona was training greatly at the Champions League final on Saturday, against Juventus, and could win for the fifth time in the world’s most famous club competition.

“The trophy is closer and closer.I hope to kiss the cup after the match, “Neymar told a news conference before running the rest of the Olympic Stadium on the lawn of the Olympic Stadium for evening preparations.

First, a few answers. “I’ve played a lot of final games, but this is the biggest in my career. This is really the best moments of my life that I’ve dreamed of since I was six or seven years old, “Neymar said.

” I expect we will hold the ball and Juventus will try to counter-attack. The attack has excellent players, Tevez and Moratu, similarly in the reserve of Pogbu or Vidala, “Gerard Piqué told reporters.

Now on the pitch. To warm the bago in the center circle, to which all but the goalkeepers were involved. Then, on the bright yellow trinkets, unlock the cones and quickly into action.After a while, special balls for the finals, which are also needed by the Braniborská Gate as a symbol of the venue, shrugged in straight kicks.

Behind the Ter Stegen gate, the Barcelona logo gleamed on the blue field, the seats in the defined sector motto: Club, more than club.

“We are exactly where we want to be. We won two competitions and we can be third. We will all do our best, “said coach Luis Enrique. The first year in office can thus reach the so-called treble. Either he or his counterpart Massimiliano Allegri of Juventus.Both of us have won the league and the cup this year.

“For some time we feel what the results are doing with our fans and it is amazing to watch,” added Enrique.

Places, when they arrived in Barcelona to Berlin, they knew about themselves. In jerseys, with flags or scarves around his neck, they went to the hotel to greet their stars. And what’s more, they could take a picture of them.

From the crowd of fans, the hands of mobs were blowing in the air: “Quickly, Neymar goes!” A black cap on the barrel, eye sunglasses. The Brazilian magician in the service of Barcelona responded to the surroundings with his thumb raised.

He also welcomed the organizers and volunteers who watched the Barcelona training from the stadium’s tribunes.Before Neymar disappeared down the stairs, he juggled with the ball, added a few heads, then sent it between them and gestured.

There will be a full pitch on Saturday. The excavation is at 20.45.