Wenger has indicated he will end. I was just tired, blessed after the win

Even after winning over Hulle Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger did not have a calm. According to legend “gunsmiths” Jan Wright, French manager after the season on the bench will end. “He basically suggested that his time is coming to an end. I have never seen him so bad, “he told British BBC Radio 5. The coach himself, however, has a different opinion. “Maybe I was tired because I got up early in the morning and went to sleep late in the evening,” he bellowed at the Wenger press conference. With 185 goals, Ian Wright is the second best shooter in Arsenal history. But when he sat on a British radio station on Friday and started talking, he jumped all over. “I’ve been with Wenger for a few hours.He did not say ‘I’m leaving at the end of the season,’ but when I looked at him, I felt like it was going to be the case, “the former gunman said. But Wenger himself refused speculation at a press conference after the win over Hull. “I do not know what Ian Wright told you and how he explained my comments but I did not suggest anything to him,” said Gunners coach. “I respect this country and the club, and I am grateful to have been here for 20 years,” he added.

Then Arséne Wenger wanted to comment only on the victory over the “Tigers” of Hull. “It was not easy against them.There was also a nervous atmosphere at the stadium, but players have to deal with it, “the French coach said. “We were more resilient, focused, and we played organized, even if we were a little braked because we were under pressure and had to win,” Wenger added.

Arsenal was fortunate for the first goal of Alexis Sánchez Got into the goal by hand. “Maybe we were lucky. I’m sorry, but I can not influence it.Our task is not to concentrate on what we are talking about, but to focus on what we are responsible for, what is the performance on the field, “he told journalists a longtime coach of Arsenal.

The London Grand Slam Club is an important general before the eight- The Champions League against Bayern Munich managed and so satisfied was Petr Čech, who played two great games in the game.

“We needed this win because Chelsea has a big advantage at the head of the table. We can not look just ahead of us, but also for ourselves, because the table is very balanced, “admitted the Czech goalkeeper. “We have to be consistent. Every match is for us as a finale, “he has chopped Bohemia for the remaining duels.